AUNIC Changes

CGI disabled at aunic


All CGI functionality on the aunic web server was disabled due to security concerns and an apparent lack of current requirement. DNS delegation problem fixed


There were some problems with logic used by the forms for DNS consistency checks with (re)delegation of DNS servers.

Some problematic tests have been skipped, but the form should now work correctly, at least if your DNS servers are valid.

If you have been trying to submit a delegation change for (or, then please try again.

aunic machine replaced


The aunic service is reborn on a new machine. For details see Problems and outages.


The aunic machine was suffering from serious hardware problems. transition to AusRegistry

2003-06-06 will be closed for domain updates through AUNIC from Friday 6 June 2003. Shortly thereafter, the registry will be moved from AUNIC to AusRegistry, and should open under the new system the following week. For details see transition notice.


The domain delegation form (which is now only used for,, and has been updated to allow omission of IP addresses of name servers, unless they are inside the domain itself, as long as the IP address is currently visible in the DNS.


PLEASE NOTE: The administration of domain was transitioned to the National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE) around 1 August 2002. registration services are now at

Transition to AusRegistry








Old Changes

AUNIC services were moved on 3 June 2001 to a new server machine in Sydney provided and hosted by NetRegistry. (Services were later moved to a server hosted at Optus.)

This rectified the problems of slowness that were seen earlier in 2001.

Please ensure that you do not have any references to,, or IP addresses. You should only refer to (for html pages) or (for cgi scripts, if you have permission to do that).

Changes will be posted here as they occur or are scheduled.

3 June 2001

5 August 2001

19 August 2001

28 September 2001

2 October 2001

3 October 2001

10-11 October 2001

29-30 January 2002

In addition, the Network function for - IP address was transferred from AUNIC to APNIC, mostly around 1 June 2001. AUNIC does not have any information about IP addresses now.