AUNIC Problems and outages

Scheduled outage 2004-09-26 for aunic

The aunic server was moved to a different rack (the new one is specifically for auDA equipment) on Sunday morning. The down-time for this move was 8:00am to 08:15am on 26 September.

2004-03-09 aunic back online is now online. Initially it is just handling DNS functions from box2 (primary DNS for the .au zone, secondary DNS for some 2LDs and 3LDs), mail to and Other functions (such as whois, keyserver, registration services) may be restored over time.

2004-02-14 box2 outage

The main aunic machine, has been suffering from hardware issues and is not staying up for more than a few hours. The machine will be replaced by a totally new machine called

2002-06-30 Transition

For information about the transition of 2LDs from AUNIC to AusRegistry, which will involve some AUNIC functions being closed down at the end of June 2002, please follow the link: Changes to the AUNIC site


There was a problem with the zone on the morning of March 14.


AUNIC services have now been moved to a new machine. There are no serious problems yet recorded for that machine.

Please ensure that you do not have any references to, or hard-coded IP addresses, you should only refer to (for html pages) or (for cgi scripts, although most people should not directly refer to AUNIC cgi scripts, unless you have permission from auda).

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